Things to do in UK with #RnD2UK

T-minus 3 days. We’re both departing in 2 and half days for London. It will be epic. The recommendations for things to do are rolling in.

We will be in London from Nov 18th through the 22nd.

On Thursday, Nov 23rd we’re hoping a train across the glorious English countryside (yes, I’m speaking in a lovely yet horrible fancy accent and wearing white gloves) to visit Swansea, Wales. Joining our friend Dr. Richard Johnston, we’ll be examining the Chemical, Biological and Material Science of Invulnerable Villains, hosted by South Wales Materials Association.

SWMA Invulnerable Villains

And the unofficial Swansea, Wales tourism promoters are definitely coming through strong with recommendations for what we out to check out while in town.

So basically, we need to check out the Castles, the beach, have a pint and/or a whiskey and some ice cream or whipped hot chocolate while in Swansea. Check!

If you want a post card from Swansea or while we’re in the UK, please complete this form: Postcards from the UK. And if you’d like to help us cover some incidentals of the trip, we’d especially appreciate your blessing! You’ll definitely get a postcard (be sure to drop your addy. Thank you.) Donations can be made at this link.

Any other suggestions for London? Please make your recommendations below in the comments.


London Bound: R&D with R & D

Yes, your favorite chemist, Dr. Raychelle Burks, and your favorite biologist, Dr. DN Lee are skipping across the pond to visit London. We’ll tour museums, check out local science labs, do some science outreach talks, hang with science tweeps, and have have tweet-ups!  

me and danielle

When: November 18-24, 2017  Enjoying London, Wales, and Cambridge.

What: Visiting Tour sites like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Bridge, but also checking out the science places like the Natural History Museum, and more. 

We’ll also hang out with local tweeps. So many shenanigans…and pints. Imagine it…but wait.

You won’t have to. If you’re local, we’d love to connect – a London #BlackandSTEM meetup, #scicomm peeps meetup. Plus, we have open spaces for lunch, dinner, drinks, and tea time!! DNLee is absolutely geeked about having a British tea experience as this is her first trip to England. This a return visit for Ray.

Plus, we’ll be doing CurlyHairMafia things – discussing superhero/supervillain fandoms with London comics fans, including a Superhero Hackathon presented by the Royal Chemistry Society of London.


For those we’re leaving behind over Thanksgiving break, you can follow along on social media – #RnD2UK. We’ll share updates of our adventures via Periscope, Instagram, and Twitter. And with a little boost from you we can make it all happen even easier. We raising money to help offset the costs and share this science shenanigan-filled trip with the world. R&D with R&D is the seed of a dream where Ray & Danielle bring nerdy, diverse, authentic science engagement from our curly hair perspective to the world. We’d love your support!

Fundraising target $500 -$1000

If we raise $300 we’ll record a quick video of us jumping up & down in our hotel bed because that will be us jumping for glee because that will cover our lodging for week.

Each $25 raised after that, will subsidize our meals for a day, up to $200

Everything raised over $500 will help offset our air fare and we’ll split this evenly.

You can contribute here. Please feel free to share your mailing address so that you can get a postcard from London and use #RnD2UK as the subject note.

Follow us now @DNLee5  @DrRubidium as countdown for #RnD2UK.


Finally, leave a comment to tell us awesome spots we must check out and if you’re in London and want to connect.