One thought on “He Never Died (2015)

  1. Oh my goodness, you guys! This is like the “post movie discussion” family of my dreams! You guys are the best! A few points. 1) I totally agree that I enjoy stories where they illustrate the complete alien nature truly ancient beings should convey. They aren’t like us. They have been through so much. I like it when their experiences, choices, and interests are bizarre to us. 2) HOW MANY MINOR GANGSTERS ARE IN THIS TOWN??!!? Seriously? Like how many of your friends have to be slaughtered before you are just like, “Fuck it! They don’t pay me enough for this!”3) I enjoyed the mastication of the finger as a WTF moment. I enjoy the idea of him as a blood addict/cannibal. Trying to sneak in bites here and there. I have played RPGs with people and had moments like this. I have played my share of secret cannibals. It is hilarious trying to sneak and eat people. 🙂

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