Coming Soon: Geek Girl Con 2014

The Curly Hair Mafia will be together again at this year’s Geek Girl Con in Seattle, WA.  If you’re in the area, come check out our panel on “The Double Other” and join us for sciencey fun in the DIY Science Zone!  To help our scientists travel and participate with you, @DIYSciZone is doing some fundraising with Acts of Whimsy!!  As the dollar donations go higher, our science crew is rolling our wacky shenanigans for your entertainment.

Our own @_adverbia is putting it out to you, fans, for her Act of Whimsy – TRULY AWFUL COSPLAY

Vote in the form below – what would you like to see @_adverbia attempt with whatever she can find in the garage?  The poll closes in ONE WEEK.  Spread the word and vote for the fandom you want to see!

To see more Acts of Whimsy, DONATE TO THE DIY SCIENCE ZONE!


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