Be on the Lookout: GALLOWWALKERS

We know you love our reviews. But have you every wanted to see a movie with us?  Now you can. We’ll be live-watching Gallowwalkers,  starring Wesley Snipes as a gun-slingging protagonist set on the avenging the murder of his lover. But he is cursed, the men he kills come back as undead.  It’s a Western Zombie Flick.  We have a hell of a time not watching Zombie flicks!
Cue up the movie which is playing on Netflix and be ready to push play with the @CurlyHairMafia.
It’s our 1st Live Watch, Live tweet event!
Tuesday, July 22, 2014
8pm EST7pm CST 
The entire Curly Hair Mafia team will be on the ready: @DrRubidium @_Adverbia, and @DNLee5. Also follow our collective account @CurlyHairMafia
We’ll be tagging our tweets with
#CHM = Curly Hair Mafia
#BOLO = be on the lookout — and you should be. We’ll be identifying our Clark Kents, No Science and Side-eyes as we watch the film.
And send a shout to @WesleyTSnipes too and let him know we’ll be checking him out.

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